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How do I get myKidzDay?

Kelly Mittal (860.593.2955)

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Your kidz day just a click away...


Want to build enrollment and “wow” your prospects?


Wish you could save money by eliminating costs?


Ever wonder how you can gain a marketing edge?


Would your customers love you more if you deliver dailys, pictures, notifications, alerts directly to their smart phones?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need myKidzDay - an iPhone and Android app for child care centers and pre-schools.

Available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones/tablets, on the web or via e-mail for both Parents and Care providers.

What is myKidzDay and how does it help me?

myKidzday allows you to attract millennial moms and dads who are evaluating child care providers. Offering a cool iPhone/iPad/Android app will resonate with these young parents and allow you to convert prospects into paying customers.  

myKidzDay can significantly improve communication between Child Care Providers and Parents.  myKidzDay allows your staff to electronically and securely deliver daily reports, notifications, newsletters, pictures, alerts, reminders, schedules, assessments, observations and other valuable information to parent’s smart phones and email inbox. If you have not yet invested in mobile technology in your center, your staff can easily access all of myKidzDay services via our website.


myKidzDay will enable parents to check their kid's status by a simple click on their smart phone. Parents receive their child's daily report on their iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, on the web or via e-mail.


Eliminate paper and do your bit for the environment. Be eco-friendly.



Start a free, no-risk trial today. 

...and it is eco-friendly too !!!